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This site is under reconstruction. Do you like the new layout? I'm revising the pages to make them both XHTML and CSS valid.

I found this piece of software that not a lot of people know about (Google search returns nothing). It's called includeHTML:

You can use includeHTML e.g. to create effects similar to server side includes at the time of editing. includeHTML can run either as a stand-alone GUI application, as a command line application, or as a HTML-Kit plugin.

includeHTML will replace entire blocks of HTML code. You write a start and an end tag in your HTML, and everything between the two tags is then replaced with the content of a text file or a snippet in an XML snippet collection file specified in the start tag. You can put as many sets of includeHTML tags in the same HTML file as you want. The file path can be absolute or relative.

A lot of HTML is reused like the code for the navigation bar, header and footer. If you have several pages, updating each part is redundant and time consuming. With includeHTML, you can update several pages at once. For example, I don't have to individually add a new link to the navigation menu of each page. Additionally, you can have variable substitution in the code snippet for each page. I use the same HTML between the

tags, but the content in the

Dreamweaver has a similar feature called "Library" which let you reuse and update code. I hope that Composer will have the same functionality. This will Composer a desivive advantage and make it an IE killer.


The goal of this site is to answer commonly asked questions about features of Mozilla desired by users. Also, this site will offer workarounds, tips, and tricks.

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Wishlist FAQ is now on Wiki. What does that mean? It means that anyone can edit the FAQ and contribute, including you!



Mozilla Firebird 0.6 (formally known as Phoenix) has been released. I'm developing a Mozilla Firebird's Features guide.


Mozilla Wishlist FAQ is Wikied! Now everyone has the opportunity to add to this FAQ. Eventually the Wiki Wishlist FAQ will take over the primary functions of this site. Learn about MozDev Wiki.


Mozilla won't be Mozilla anymore. In the future, it will be broken up into a browser and mail component. The browser will be based on Phoenix and the Mail client will be base on Minotaur. Hopefully, this change will make a Mozilla a better product. So if you want certain features to be included in the next major release, vote for your wishes in Bugzilla. Check out Mozillazine.org for more detail: http://mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=3042